Friday, June 13, 2014

Mind The Gap

So yesterday I was running to catch the Bart train before the doors closed and while dashing into the train jam packed with commuters and Giants fans my left foot slipped and fell about 6" down into the narrow gap (the width of a size 8.5 shoe as it happens) between the platform and the train.  I jerked my foot up and made it onto the train safely just as the doors were closing.  I got scraped and bruised several inches well above my ankle but as my heart was pounding my first thought was OMG I could have lost a Jimmy Choo!

But fortunately both came home safe and sound, the shoe and the foot...

Moral to this story?  Call a cab.


  1. Sorta like a Bay Area Cinderella story! Glad your foot is still attached.

    1. I wasn't feeling like Cinderella! But all's well that ends well and the nasty bruise will fade!

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