Thursday, June 26, 2014

Because Sometimes, Actually Being Able to Walk

Is kinda beside the point...

A little back story: I first saw these babies online and posted them on this blog on March 8.  A month or so later while window shopping with my friend Amanda I saw them on display at Barney's, said display shoe was my size so I road tested them.  Amanda agreed, holy cow fabulous.  As I wasn't going to pay full price for a pair of shoes I really can't walk in I waited and waited til the sales started and holy cow they went down 50%.  Still not enough.  So I kept my eye on them and held my breath  (meanwhile all sizes selling out everywhere) until literally there was one last pair available anywhere in the known universe and they went to 70% off and oh wait coincidentally in my size!  Moral to this story?  All good things come to those who (fill in the blank).


  1. Any of these would work
    1. Have really good taste!
    2. Have online shopping addictions! (me included)
    3. Have a sixth sense when it comes to shoe sales.

    1. That sixth sense. Like those who have the perfume 'nose' , you are born with it!