Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Should she or shouldn't she? (Warning: naming names here)

So today I wore these new shoes (Ash, and if you get 'em here's a word to the wise...they run small!!!), and my friend Deb oohed and ahhed and asked for the details which I readily spilled and she said but don't worry I won't get the same color and I replied: but you should!   And she said well she just might! (Ok paraphrasing here...)

So we agreed, the more the merrier!  I love it when my friends and I show up wearing the same things!   I mean if it's good once it's good at least twice!!!

Which is good because Suzy, Pat and I have that same HM Marni coat, Pat and I have too many shoes and coats in common (hazards of too much shopping together!), Erica has that huge mohair coat in grey that Pat and I both have in pink...

You catch my drift.  She should!


  1. Yes! I agree! Anna Dello Russo says if she shows up in the same outfit as someone else she must have made the right choice! And let's not forget I have the pink version too!

    1. I forgot about that! Yes I'm a big believer in multiples!