Friday, April 25, 2014

How to Keep the Dog Busy

When it's raining cats and Jacks and you just can't get yourself to take him for a walk:

Because he was sad:

But who are we kidding what he REALLY wants is a walk but you know Jack sometimes life is hard and you can't always have exactly what you want exactly when you want it.

Ok, case in point:

So yes I bought these.  But as I'm not spending this year (ahem) but I just can't say no to myself (my favorite quality/hmm really should work on that, tomorrow) I waited too long and they sold out in my size so I ordered the half size smaller (last pair in the known universe apparently) and dang it if they aren't just a scosh small and while I'll do a lot for a pair of shoes I won't lose a toe for 'em.  

Return To Sender.

So, NOW I have to wait til I can find them in my size somewhere in the Western Hemisphere (where I can get free shipping).   Waiting, waiting...

See what I mean, Jack?

Sometimes you just have to wait for an all's well that ends well...


  1. I'm sure the shoe planets will align and bring these to you...Or when you find a new pair that completely makes you forget about the first pair. That happens to me a lot.

  2. Or, if you weren't so stingy about giving Jack a walk in the rain, maybe the Universe would return in kind. Karma, anyone?

    1. Or you just find them at Saks. Done!