Saturday, December 12, 2015

If I Were To Wear a Six Inch Heel

These would be the ones.  However I think I need to draw the line at a heel that is almost as high as my foot is long...

Or maybe it's just that my legs are too short.

Editors Note:  No animals were mistreated during this shoot.


  1. You have the feet and ankles for them, but probably not the back. I recognize the location. Gorgeous.

  2. I think Jack needs some red shoes for Christmas. Did you buy these shoes? They are fabulous!!!!!

    1. I returned them! As my mom noted, I don't have the back for them! But now I miss them :(

    2. Well order them again!!! Just don't look at yourself from the back. Wear them to French. I will fawn over you and tell you you look fabulous and I won't follow you down the street.