Sunday, November 16, 2014

Fast Forward Three Hours

And I have a new dud! 

(Well not counting the time it took to fly to New York, visit Mood Fabrics, purchase this Missoni knit and then fly back...)

Oh and if I didn't make it clear that this top is a made by me dud, here's the proof:

Note: by dud we mean the singular of duds, a slang term for clothing, not dud, as in 'that firecracker was a dud'.  Or, 'that blind date sure was a dud. What was my mother thinking?'.  Etc.  I hope we have cleared up any confusion. 
The Editors


  1. Beautiful, Alison. In the midwest we always called our clothes duds.

    1. Thanks Jennie! Have a wonderful time in Paris! I'm sure your trip won't be a dud!