Saturday, March 15, 2014

Whaddya do when you've sworn off

shopping but for reasons that will go unmentioned (crabby other half anyone?) REALLY need a little shopping fix?  Well, break out that Nordstrom's GC your generous stepmom bestowed upon you for Xmas!

So yesterday I was perusing Macy's and saw a relatively un pricey pair of adorable Jimmy Choo-ish knock-off-ey shoes at full price.  But as I'm not shopping (ahem) I came home and googled around and EUREKA found them at Nordie' for half price!  So with my generous GC (from my wicked stepmom who turns out not to be so wicked after all) I'm gonna get my shopping fix on for practically free!

So they may not be Jimmy Choo, but they'll do!!!

That's what we call round these parts an all's well that ends well...


  1. I also like to say that I bought items with a gift card or a store credit, but in reality there was no gift card or store credit.

    1. I feel that honesty in a relationship is overrated.