Monday, January 27, 2014

A History Lesson

Just saw 'Wolf of Wall Street".   There is a scene that takes place in 1990 (if memory serves it was the day of the Steve Madden IPO (speaking of shoes)...I looked it up...)...if you've seen the movie it's the scene where Leonardo Dicaprio and his wife are fighting in the nursery...and we get a long shot of her beautiful shoes (and a lot of her other stuff but let's not go there)...

Anyhoo, dollars to donuts those red heels are the iconic Campari shoe by Manolo Blahnik.  Now, that particular shoe didn't debut until at least 1994 (the actual date is a little fuzzy...coulda been 1997), so how was it she got her mitts on them?  And her dogs in them?  In 1990?

I dunno, but I'm glad I got 2005!

And the good news is, this style is STILL being sold in your tonier shoe departments so that means they were a really good investment!  (Unlike the bad investing done in that movie...)


  1. Only a devoted shoe aficionado would've been able to spot that movie's "oops!" And I agree the shoes are gorgeous.

  2. Hi Delora: Of course its POSSIBLE that I got it wrong but...I dunno, her shoes really look like mine! ;)